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Pluriboom 18650 16mm Camera Battery Pack Kit

Pluriboom 18650 16mm Camera Battery Pack Kit

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We've created a battery pack for 16mm cameras that utilizes replaceable cells - 4 x 18650 button top protected cells (that's 69mm length cells, this pack will not work with unprotected cells).

This pack is hand assembled in Portland, Oregon. We use recycled filament that is manufactured in Vancouver, Washington.

We use the Highest quality Neutrik 4-pin XLR connectors for power output.

This cell contains a voltage regulator to ensure the safety of your 16mm cameras. When you order - choose a variant that matches your cameras voltage and we will calibrate the voltage regulator accordingly before sending it off. If your camera needs a specific voltage - send us a message and we can make you a custom pack.

This does not include the protected 18650 batteries - you can easily purchase 4 protected 18650 button top battery cells along with a charger for a very affordable price online. For the highest quality 18650 cells we recommend the 18650 Battery Store.

This pack does not charge your batteries - you remove your cells and charge them properly with a dedicated 18650 battery charger. This means you can use your cells for other purposes when not shooting film (flash lights, vape pens, you do you) and if your cells ever stop performing - you can replace them yourself!

This is a kit which requires you to supply your own cells to complete the circuit - it is your responsibility to evaluate the function and safety of the device yourself before using.

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