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Pluriboom NIMH 16mm Camera Battery Pack Kit

Pluriboom NIMH 16mm Camera Battery Pack Kit

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We've created a battery pack for Arri 16s 16mm cameras that utilizes replaceable cells - 8 x AA Rechargeable NIMH cells

This is a really convenient way to shoot 2 to 3 100ft rolls before needing to recharge your cells. It almost certainly will not be able to pull a 400ft roll. If you need more power, check out the 18650 packs which tend to last longer for a single charge.

This pack is hand assembled in Portland, Oregon. We use recycled filament that is manufactured in Vancouver, Washington.

This does not include the AA NIMH cells - you can easily purchase NIMH cells along with a charger for a very affordable price online.

This pack does not charge your batteries - you remove your cells and charge them properly with a dedicated NIMH AA battery charger. This means you can use your cells for other purposes when not shooting film and if your cells ever stop performing - you can replace them yourself!

This is a kit which requires you to supply your own cells to complete the circuit - it is your responsibility to evaluate the function and safety of the device yourself before using.

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